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Caught Up in the Christ Life

Caught Up in the Christ Life

Entering into spaces in which we do not entirely feel “at home” teach us about the world and what it truly means to be human. Our eyes must be opened, along with our ears and our hearts. Simply leaving our comfort zone does not enlighten our human experience. We must be humble. Truly humble, like Jesus Christ. He left the splendor of heaven to become one of us. He learned to walk, to speak, to listen and to read God’s Word. Based on His experience with other humans and with God, He chose to live a certain way.

The good news of the Gospel is that we can be caught up into the life of the Godhead. We can participate in the divine nature. We can be like Christ! Our experience with other human beings along with our experience with God inform us how we are to live. As heaven and earth met in the body of Jesus, so does the combination of our soul and the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Now we have everything we need to live in a way that pleases God.

Do we take Jesus seriously? Are we willing to set aside our politics and prejudices to accept God’s plan for human flourishing? Are we willing to let God reign sovereign over every aspect of our lives? Will we only give to God our “spiritual” life or might He also have control of every other area as well?

There is so much that I do not understand. Of what I do understand, there is so much that I do not practice to perfection. Nevertheless, I get the sense that Jesus is calling us deeper into His life. This is what discipleship is: to consider ourselves students in Christ’s school that will graduate only when we are exactly like our Master.

I’m frankly not interested in partisan politics. I’m not interested in proselytism either. All I intend to do in these reflections is to invite you to dig deeper, to explore the infinite depths of God’s love for us and others. I want to invite you to imagine the world as God would have it and to work towards that end.

Those who do this must be entirely dependent upon God. Jesus called those needy the poor in spirit. It’s a scruffy group of Kingdom representatives who take His Sermon seriously and try to live it out. Many Christians find Jesus’ call to total surrender and non-violent resistance radical while others find it entirely impossible. I’ll gladly stand with the minority who think that Jesus truly meant what He said and that He not only expects us to live in this way, but that He helps us to do so.

Abba Father, please guide the coming reflections. May they echo your thoughts and your will for our lives. In the name of Jesus who continues to defy human wisdom and expediency, Amen. 

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