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Following Christ Through Love of Neighbor

Following Christ Through Love of Neighbor

Before continuing the series of reflections that I began several weeks ago, I would like to share with you a prayer. Many years ago I began collecting books of written prayers. At first I thought that joining in someone’s written prayer would not be the same as praying myself. Nevertheless, I discovered that these prayers that have been penned over the centuries often express more succintly my deepest desires and longings.

Serious theological reflections should be bathed in prayer. All too often what goes viral has not been shaped in silence and contemplation. This prayer points the way for further reflections on this blog. It is in this spirit that I share with you a prayer by German theologian, Karl Rahner.

The Parable of the Good Samaritan

Following Christ Through Love of Neighbor

Lord Jesus Christ, You Yourself have shown me a way to a faith that is real and determines my life. It is the way of the ordinary and actively generous love of neighbor. I meet You on this road, as unknown and known. Guide me on this path, Light of Life. Let me walk it in patience, always further, always new. Grant me the incomprehensible strength to venture towards people and to give myself in the gift. Then You, Yourself, in an unexplicable union with those who receive my love, step forward to meet me in my neighbor: You are the One Who can take on the whole life of humankind, and You remain at the same time the One in Whom this life, handed over to God, does not cease to be love for humankind.

My faith in You is “on the way” and I say with the man in the Gospel: “I believe, Lord, help my unbelief.” Guide me along Your path, You Who are the Way to my neighbor, my unknown, looked-for brother, and therein are God, now and forever.


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